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Competitive Edge

Consider a focus on differentiation as your litmus test.
Featuring Brendan McLoughlin, President and CMO of e123. 
Video courtesy of Medicarians. Transcript below.
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It seems to me that if you're running an organization, a really important thing to understand is what you do well, what your core competency is. And most of the folks in this room, myself included, came up through a sales or a marketing kind of operation, that's what we do. Well, that's what we excel at. That's our superpower.

I would suggest if you're running an organization, you look at everything else that you have to do and find a technology partner to do it for you. I I bristle a little bit when I hear well-meaning and thoughtful business leaders saying, "we're investing in building our own solution". I would never build an accounting system. We're not an accounting company. We don't do that. I have software engineers. They're amazing at what they do, but we're not [building an] accounting [product].

We don't know that world. So we outsource that. We didn't build our own calendar or our own email system. We don't build our own websites. We use 3rd parties to to host our websites and use templates to build them.

So I would think through things like like lead generation, ROI computation, managing of commissions and of cash advances, all of those things that really aren't sales and marketing, that aren't about putting the best product together with the right customer, and think about finding a technology partner to solve all those [other] things for you. So you don't spend resources on non-core competencies - you can focus on what you do best.