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Don't let broken commissions kill your growth!


e123 Commissions for Carriers: the solution that empowers growth


Configure and pay commissions the way your downlines expect – timely, accurately, and transparently.

Our solution is built specifically for life & health carriers, allowing you to:

Become the carrier agents want to work with
         Attract and retain the best performing agents through fast, flexible payments.

Empower Growth
         Expand your distribution footprint to grow revenue rapidly.

Get and stay ahead of the competition
         Gain a lasting advantage with timely insights for enhanced decision-making.
e123 infographic

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Key features to better manage commissions:

  • Infinite hierarchy: Support infinite levels with comprehensive hierarchy management
  • Flexible contracts: Onboard new agencies easily, with modifications down to agent
  • Customizable triggers: Initiate payments based on events you define
  • Downline visibility: Create transparency and trust with your downlines and agents
  • Active data warnings: Make decisions based on real-time performance insights