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Now offering Commissions for Carriers

Don't let broken commissions disrupt your business.
Simplify your commission management and become easy to do business with.

The FLExibility to drive growth 

e123 Commission

Enables highly tailored commission structures for maximum motivation 

  • Generate commissions for all agents quickly and easily
  • Generate and manage advances for agents based on flexible rules
  • Generate statements for all associated parties with as much detail as required
  • Manage payments due to carriers, partners and uplines
  • Integrates with existing systems via API or files
Many structure options

Base commissions on products, enrollment, trials, or specific payments received (i.e., 2nd payment).

save money
Commission generation

Agent and Partner commission generation with many commission structure options.

saves time
Faster process

Configure from a wide array of structures
Separate out commissionable and non-commissionable amounts in standardized ways, per product. This leads to fewer - or no - exceptions and much faster, less error prone processing.

increases profits
Utilize commission advances

Empower downlines to pay agents up front
The e123 Commission module provides calculation, tracking, and auditing of advances and commissions.  Grow fast with less risk.

saves time
Simplify processes

Streamline commission administration - whether file generation or payments.

Fully auditable

See payments tied to policies for any downline, agent and member, with all associated documents. 

reports and helps you understand
View payouts real-time

Zoom in or out as needed
e123 is designed to model the structure of your downline partners, so you can see detailed commission structure and amount at any level of the hierarchy.

A complete picture of commissions

When managing commissions across downline partners, there's tremendous value in having a system that's designed to handle the inherent complexity. This gives you the flexibility to compensate at each level and for each action, to drive maximum growth. And do it in a way that lets you support a large distribution channel with far fewer support resources. 

Everything We Do

"We manage everything we do with e123, from cost accounting and invoices to customer relationship management technology, We’ve been able to operate in a fully automated fashion, we’ve simplified our processes and eliminated mistakes."

Jon Karlin
Chief Executive Officer | NEO Insurance Solutions

One System

"e123 gives us a common system for all our employees and clients."

Lauren Becerra-Gongora - GlobalBenefit Administration Services - rect
Lauren Becerra-Gongora
Vice President Operations | GlobalBenefit Administration Services


"E123 was instrumental in keeping us alive in 2020... Every customer support call was answered, every payment was collected, and every commission was paid. And it's all because we switched to E123 and were able to make our team home based using a cloud-based system."

Lisa Davis - CEO - SAS - rect
Lisa Davis

Find a fit with your organization

There's no better way than a discussion

Commissions challenges are complex - and if you're struggling to implement the plans you want across partners, you're not alone. We'd love to discuss how we might help you grow and scale.