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Turning Commissions into a Competitive Weapon to Accelerate GrowthBuilding a Disruptive, Technology-Enabled Distribution Strategy in Health Insurance white paper       HPA Study Cover Page



Technology Q&A for FMOs and IMOs looking to expand their Medicare and U65 businesses

Join us for an insightful series of short Tech Q&A videos designed to empower you in the rapidly evolving landscape of insurance distribution technology.   Featuring Brendan McLoughlin, President and CMO of e123. 

enable innovation
Competitive Edge

Isn't it a competitive advantage to build our own technology platform?

Consider a focus on differentiation as your litmus test. Discover why focusing on your core competency and finding a trusted technology partner can elevate your organization to new heights.

Resource Allocation

How much should an FMO or Agency spend on distribution technology?

Gain insights into determining the optimal investment in distribution technology based on industry trends and unit economics.

Tech Strategy

How do I decide where to use technology first?

Going digital is a journey, so consider your roadmap carefully. Learn how to strategically prioritize and leverage technology to drive efficiency and continuous improvement within your organization.

solves problems
Empowering Agents

On a scale from 1 to 10, how important is tech-enabling agents?

Explore the importance of technology in empowering agents and how it impacts their overall effectiveness. 

reports and helps you understand
The Data Dilemma

How can I get reliable data?

Uncover the challenges of accessing reliable data and how to overcome them in the insurance industry.

increases profits
Future Glimpse

What will Medicare Products look like in 2030?

Think about preparing for the future.


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