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The FLExibility to drive growth 

e123 Downline

Enables you to manage and grow a motivated distribution channel 

  • Manage downline distribution partners and their agents
  • Upload files to quickly onboard new distribution
  • Easily add and onboard new partners with self-service Agent portals
  • Maintain partner information and aggregate results for each partner
  • Maintain and roll-up critical agent information
solves problems
Made from Trees

Downline hierarchy is core to the e123 design, giving you access to purpose-built tools.

Know your channel

Easily check each partner and producing agents to validate compliance.

enable innovation
Support downlines and internal agents

Track agent licensure, appointments, insurance, CE, and everything else you need to ensure compliance.

saves time
Quickly add partners

The process of onboarding can be semi-automated or easily provide agent enrollment portals.

Custom workflows

Easily configure custom workflows for onboarding, notifications for key dates, etc. 

reports and helps you understand
Downline reporting

Easily see reports on all agents by downline partner, including licenses, appointments, and other documents as needed. 

A complete solution for managing distribution

Successfully growing revenue through distribution requires a range of processes, tools, data and analytics.  e123 Downline makes this both practical and efficient. Designed to manage distribution hierarchies, it makes setting up partners a snap.  Enables you to track performance.  Combined with other e123 modules to provide a suite of tools to the downline partners,enable commission payment management. And perhaps most importantly, it makes you a great partner - because instead of passing files back and forth, everyone is looking at the their own views of the same data.

Everything We Do

"We manage everything we do with e123, from cost accounting and invoices to customer relationship management technology, We’ve been able to operate in a fully automated fashion, we’ve simplified our processes and eliminated mistakes."

Jon Karlin
Chief Executive Officer | NEO Insurance Solutions

One System

"e123 gives us a common system for all our employees and clients."

Lauren Becerra-Gongora - GlobalBenefit Administration Services - rect
Lauren Becerra-Gongora
Vice President Operations | GlobalBenefit Administration Services


"E123 was instrumental in keeping us alive in 2020... Every customer support call was answered, every payment was collected, and every commission was paid. And it's all because we switched to E123 and were able to make our team home based using a cloud-based system."

Lisa Davis - CEO - SAS - rect
Lisa Davis

Find a fit with your organization

There's no better way than a discussion

Growing distribution effectively will unlock tremendous value - cost effective growth.   We'd love to talk about how you might benefit from a purpose-build Distribution Management System, and perhaps making use  with the growing network of e123 partners - over 250,000 agents strong.