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Meet the Leadership Group

The team would like to share a few things - how we connect to the mission, what each of us do and something unique!


AVP, Head of Customer Success

Serving the insurance industry for two-and-a-half decades, I bring passion, drive, and focus to deliver on the promises made to our Enterprise Customers.

I optimize our existing relationships, identify solutions to meet our customers ever changing business challenges, & accelerate growth and impact.

I enjoy spending time with my husband, two and four legged kids, singing, dancing, and reading. I am an avid traveler and cruising is my favorite.

Angela Vabulas photo

VP, Professional Services

I thrive on optimizing our client's distribution processes and ensuring client delight.

I enjoy fostering a collaborative, results-driven culture that thrives on operational excellence and fun!

I am a taphophile, exploring and appreciating the historical and artistic significance of cemeteries and gravestones.

Brandon Heep-crop

Sales Director

I am passionate about helping companies succeed and my motivation comes from seeing clients scale and grow their businesses using e123's amazing technology.

It is my responsibility to drive sales and collaborate with operations & support to fit the needs of the e123 clients.

I enjoy spending time with my family, listening to music, and watching sports & movies.

Brendan McLoughlin photo
Brendan McLoughlin


At the end of the day, we help people get the insurance coverage and protection that they and their families need - can't think of a better motivator.

I focus on overcoming obstacles and enabling resources so every member of the team can focus on our #1 priority - our clients' success 

I majored in "AI" (Decision Science) at Virginia Tech in the 80's... way before it was cool.

Christopher DeSanto


Continuous improvement with a win-win mindset. If we deliver for our customers, everybody wins - it's that simple.

Finance provides a holistic view of where we've been and where we are going. We can't do any of it, without our customers.

I am an identical twin, and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

David Jaeger

Founder &
Chief Product Officer

Helping and seeing clients grow, scale and succeed. Continuous learning and personal growth. Providing insights to support problem-solving efforts. Support collaboration for increased efficiency and productivity. 

As a founder of our company, my main focus is on helping and shaping our vision, strategy, and overall direction.

I love the beach and all the fun activities that happen in the water.

Eric Jacobs photo

Director of Development

Working with a dynamic, interactive and creative team to create and improve our products.

I help implement the requirements defined for the product and provide a flexible framework to build on. 

I’m a husband, father of two and grandfather of four. I enjoy travel, food & wine, sports and woodworking.

Fred Studier


We help our clients solve really hard problems. I love helping them grow their businesses and serve more people in need of insurance solutions.

I'm here to help everyone on our team be more successful in any way I can support them!

I'm married to my awesome wife Tina, and have 3 amazing daughters! I love making and listening to music, traveling, and spending time outdoors.


Client Implementation Manager

As an Implementation Manager at e123, I'm driven by the opportunity to equip our clients with the tools and knowledge they need to confidently leverage our platform, fostering their success and growth in the dynamic landscape of insurance technology.

In my role, I focus on efficiently onboarding and training new clients to seamlessly navigate our platform, while also addressing the needs of existing clients interested in expanding their business solutions.

On a personal note, I'm a bit of a cinephile. There's nothing quite like the magic of watching a movie in its original 35mm format


Holly Standridge photo

Client Engagement Manager

My goal is to help our clients become successful through the use our technology. I love to watch our partners increase their sales and manage their businesses using the e123 software to create a completely customized instance. 

I am the voice of the client on the software end and I work on their behalf with the e123 team to bring the client's ambitions to fruition. 

I am Disney obsessed and grew up knowing every word to every Disney song there is. As a mother of 3, my kids will likely be the same way and we have Disney movie nights at least once a week.

Jess Andersen crop

TPA Accounting Manager

My motivation for my role at e123 comes from the chance to play a significant part in driving the company's success and fostering its exponential growth by upholding accuracy and compliance.

I ensure that our TPA clients have the peace of mind knowing the financial and operational day to day of their business is managed so they can focus on growing. 

I really enjoy cooking and baking. I am always testing new recipes, finding unique ingredients, and I love to share them with my friends and family. 

Joe Siedel photo


It's incredibly energizing when clients are able to transform inefficient processes and technology into streamlined, automated processes utilizing e123, and therefore shift energy and resources into growth oriented activities

Ensuring the success of our clients through the capabilities, experience and success of e123's amazing teams.

When not absorbed in family time, my personal hobbies revolve around Michigan football, including collecting vintage memorabilia, and art.

JP Uva
John Paul


Watching the flexibility of the e123 platform empower our clients’ to solve their problems in the way that make sense for them, and not in the way that is dictated by the system, is extremely gratifying.

I focus on ensuring that the e123 platform performs in the way that clients expect.

Most of my free time revolves around my family and music. I play guitar and keyboards in a "Dad Band", do some recording and love seeing live music.

Kim Creque-Jenkins photo

Director of Client Support

Our term to 'delight' our client motivates me to go a step beyond making the client happy; the fact that our technology and innovation contributes to our client's increased sales growth and success is exciting.

Serving as a conduit between the client and the organization by  strengthening our relationship through the establishment of best practices and the identification of potential opportunities to grow their business. 

I love rollercoasters although I'm afraid of heights!

Kyle Mitchell

VP of Product

We strive to create delightful customer experiences in the moments that matter, like when people are searching for protection for their family's needs.

By obsessing over the customer experience, our goal is to build intuitive products that add value and meaning to the people's lives that use them, who in turn serve the needs of families.

I love building solutions with great teammates, partners and customers, and seeing our digital experience impact folks in need.

Steve Jaeger-2

Founder & CTO

I enjoy puzzles and to this end I am fascinated by using novel technology solutions to solve business problems.

I ensure the sanctity of the core software and make sure that new software development moves the platform in the correct direction.

I have been programming computers since I was six.  I play piano and guitar pretty well (although not as well as some of the experts on our leadership team).  I love collecting old books.  My oldest book is a copy of the Constitution from 1810 that I envision was carried around town to town to read to people who had no other access to such an important document.



Director of IT

I think motivation comes from many places... mainly in achieving success, setting higher goals, repeat until the e123 mission is fully realized or injure my head trying.

To make the platform do more, more quickly and more reliably.

I almost joined the military, I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane anyway. I am pretty obsessed with technology but haven't had to see a professional about it yet, so it must be ok... right?

Tim Norman photo

Vice President
Enterprise Sales

Continuing to capitalize on momentum in the Enterprise Space. Being part of 22 year old company that continues to challenge the industries status quo is rare and very exciting. 

Team e123 is second to none. Having the industry's premier downline management system to positively impacting how clients growth makes it fun to work each and every day.

Married for 20 years and having 2 kids I have developed what my kids would definitely (not) call world class dad jokes.

Troy Spoon - crop

Technical Product Manager

I'm motivated to work with clients to create software solutions for their business processes to satisfy my own selfish need to be creative. 

My main focus is creative solutions and solution design, but I wear many hats. 

Check out my Spotify

e123 is focused on helping consumers/beneficiaries avoid unwanted financial surprises while helping our clients build efficient, profitable businesses. We help clients accelerate growth, with a focus on helping the ecosystem of insurance carriers, marketers and agents work together more efficiently.

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