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Future Glimpse

Think about preparing for the future.
Featuring Brendan McLoughlin, President and CMO of e123. 
Video courtesy of Medicarians. Transcript below.
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I do think, though I've heard quite a bit this week about holistic product and where I think we're going to end up, I think MA might end up the backbone for a bundling of products.  Medicare, and A and B or C are just a small part, a big part, but a part of what a senior needs to be secure in their life.

And there's certainly wealth management. There's end-of-life care, there's extended care, there's final expense. There's so many other things, there's roadside assistance that could be bundled into products that meet the need of that individual.

And I think as the technology gets better and better, we'll be able to allow an agent - and I do think the agent is going to be a part of this process by 2030 for sure  - But to allow an agent to really customize a bundle of products, that's right, for this individual, and MA  is probably going to form the backbone of that, but it's going to be so much more.