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The Pain, the Prize, and the Path:

Current Pain Points & the Path to Top Performance in Health Insurance Distribution Markets.

HPA Study Cover PageThe health insurance distribution market in the US is currently very inefficient, with fragmented data and financial flows between all segments in the vertical chain. Health insurance products in this research include individual policies for Medicare Advantage (MA), Medicare Supplement (MedSup), Dental, Vision, Critical Illness, and Long-Term Care. 

The root causes are non-standardized data and file formats, poor integration, and coordination problems. Addressing these issues could achieve significant performance improvements: reduced cost structures, automated, error-free data flows, faster processing, lower product prices, and higher customer satisfaction. A state-of-the-art distribution management system (DMS) is the path to achieving this superior future state, through de facto standardization, automated & integrated data feeds, and analytic performance dashboards to manage businesses strategically. First-mover adopters of a DMS will achieve immediate strategic advantages. Market-wide adoption of a DMS will result in dramatically superior industry performance.

By HighPoint Associates.  In this market research, we explored the nature, severity, and potential solutions to each pain point in 60-minute in-depth interviews with top executives in operating roles at national carriers, regional carriers, and FMOs.

Redistributed with permission by e123.

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