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Data Dilemma

Uncover the challenges of accessing reliable data and how to overcome them in the insurance industry.
Featuring Brendan McLoughlin, President and CMO of e123. 
Video courtesy of Medicarians. Transcript below.
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Some of the research that we did was with agents and agency owners, and we gave them a whole bank of problems to choose from.

There were twenty-four possibilities, some odd problems that they deal with.  And some of the problems were very specific. And some of them were sort of these broad ideas like quality of leads - that was not the number one problem.

The number one problem was access to data. That ubiquitously throughout the the industry, agents and agencies were saying their biggest struggle is getting access to data, whatever that means for them.

Well, part of that is talking to your partners and your suppliers and asking for it. I don't know if you can demand it, but if you ask for it, the more that we ask, the more that we we suggest it should be a part of doing business, the better access we're going to get to and and standardization of that data.