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Tech Strategy

Going digital is a journey, so consider your roadmap carefully. Learn how to strategically prioritize and leverage technology to drive efficiency and continuous improvement within your organization.
Featuring Brendan McLoughlin, President and CMO of e123. 
Video courtesy of Medicarians. Transcript below.
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As a technologist, a way to think about your life, your business, your work environment, is anything that you're doing on paper, there's got to be a technology that can solve that.

Anything that you're doing on Excel, there's got to be an automated way to do it. Anything that you're doing through email, there's got to be an automated way to do that.

So sort of every step along the way, if you're dialing, if you're typing, if you're writing, there's a step up in technology that makes the effort part of it go away so you can just reap the benefits. And that sort of like continuous improvement mentality, I think, is the way you should think about technology.