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Entrepreneurial Trends Coming in 2021 for Insurance Agencies

February 2, 2021


With the pandemic, the economic hardship, and the never-ending 2020 election, people are ready for a new year and a new start!

For insurance agencies looking to not-just-survive-but-thrive in the coming year, here are some trends to look out for:

Continued Adaptation to COVID Fallout

People understand that for a business, it’s all about the bottom line. But right now, it is not “business as usual”. With hospitals at maximum capacity in some the states, people are reluctant or in some cases limited in their ability to walk into medical facilities, send their kids to school, get food at a restaurant or even shop for groceries

Insurance agencies need to position themselves in a way that demonstrates that their clients’ well-being comes first. For many agencies, this might mean a transition to working from home and a reduction of in-person meetings to minimize direct exposure.

Insurance agencies are adapting, but with the right systems and support, it can be managed with minimum disruption.

Effective Communication

All of our daily routines look different now because of the precautions we take due to COVID-19. Your insurance clients need quality information and you can take a leadership position and help them sift through the avalanche of misguided “experts”.

Think about your clients’ concerns: Is my health insurance sufficient? What does it cover? What if I lose my job? What happens if someone gets sick? Do I need to increase coverage? Is my family safe?

This is a great opportunity to build trust and nurture relationships with your clients. Maintain channels of communication open and send your clients useful content that answers some of their questions. A simple phone call or a text message can make a world of difference.

Ensure your software system allows you to easily communicate with your clients through as many channels as possible: email, text, letters, or phone calls.

User Experience

Take a walk in your clients’ shoes and navigate through your business’s website, your phone system, and every touchpoint of engagement. If you want your insurance agency to grow in 2021, make sure your clients feel cared for and can get the support they need:

  • Can they contact you easily?
  • Can they make an appointment?
  • Are your COVID safety protocols visible and clear?
  • Are your emails and text messages personalized?
  • Do you have a mobile app for convenience?

Don’t make your clients figure it all out. They’re coming to you for help during a very uncertain time. Be there for them now and they’ll remember it forever.

Investment in Content Marketing and SEO

In the immediate aftermath of the pandemic, many businesses put the brakes on marketing since everything came to a halt. 

Now that businesses are moving again, they are looking at how to best spend their marketing budget. People are still searching for information on Google; they’re just looking for different information. They still want guidance from trusted experts, even if the topics they’re searching for have changed.

Content marketing and SEO are still good investments. Just think about how you can leverage that budget to build your brand reputation while you meet your clients’ needs. Two suggestions:  

  • Local SEO – Your clients will likely be searching for “near me” suggestions since COVID is limiting travel. Optimizing your content for local markets benefits your clients and helps your business grow.
  • High-value content – What kind of information are your clients searching for now? You are their insurance provider, their point of contact to help navigate a landscape they no longer recognize. Keep them updated with information about new policies, the opportunities with telemedicine, any COVID testing, treatment or vaccine news.

Focus on Telemedicine

Many healthcare providers have reported that telemedicine is growing since it limits exposure and spread for both patients and healthcare workers. While it will never replace traditional healthcare completely, many appointments will be done via telemedicine, including mental health.

As an insurance agency, you can build awareness of this option, promoting it as a safe alternative to face-to-face doctor’s visits.

Telemedicine would be a great topic for content marketing. Even if your clients have heard of it, many have never accessed it or are intimidated by it. Older clients would benefit from content walking them through the technology.

And even though telemedicine has surged due to COVID-19, it could be the way of future medicine. You can help usher your clients into this new experience.

Innovative Healthcare Services

Finally, stay up-to-date on new innovations in healthcare that can benefit your clients, such as vaccinations, curbside care, healthcare apps, and chatbots.

All of these new technologies are designed to enhance your clients’ experience, but just because they exist doesn’t mean your clients will know about these services or how to take advantage of them.

Steve Jaeger, co-founder of e123, notes, “we’re seeing an explosion of new insurance products and services that agencies are bundling for their clients. The most successful agencies are bundling them in new and exciting ways.”


There is no comic book hero/heroine that’s an insurance agent, but times are changing. Here’s your chance to be a hero.

Help your clients feel protected and safe by making it easy to meet their needs with products and services they need and communication that establishes you as the authority they trust. Your business will benefit from it.

Here’s to a successful 2021.