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Jon Karlin, of NEO Insurance Solutions, Builds Bridges of a Virtual Variety.

July 8, 2021

As CEO of
 Neo Insurance Solutions, he’s created a conduit between major carriers like SGIC, National Guardian Life, Wellfleet, and American Financial, and more than 40 insurance agencies nationwide.

It comes as no surprise then that his major challenge is “managing complexity.”

“We were jerry rigging disparate software systems for front-end enrollment, back-end functionality, and accounting software, just to name a few,” he said. “We needed one platform to create a cohesive experience for both Neo’s users and its administrators.”

Enter e123, which integrated Neo’s thicket of software systems into a multifunctional platform that operates seamlessly.

“We manage everything we do with e123, from cost accounting and invoices to customer relationship management technology,” Karlin said. “Because we’ve been able to operate in a fully automated fashion, we’ve simplified our processes and eliminated mistakes.” 

How did e123 create a platform that can be easily customized to a company of many moving parts?  They listened.

“They didn’t develop in one or two years,” Karlin said.  “They took a decade’s worth of client feedback and used it to upgrade continually.  That’s why they are the preeminent software enrollment platform in our industry.”

He credits the platform with enabling Neo to operate at “a fraction of the cost” and meet—and exceed—client expectations even though they’ve been scaling rapidly.

“We’ve only been able to grow as quickly as we have because of e123,” he said. “It’s a bespoke platform that works incredibly well for us.”