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Competitive Health Scales New Products Faster with e123


July 14, 2022

Competitive Health is a reseller and aggregator of healthcare solutions, including a suite of telemedicine products.  They cover over 4 million lives and serve associations, brokers, and insurance carriers who want to include value-added services such as virtual behavioral health in their portfolios.

A Long-Standing Relationship

Kimberly Darling, the CEO and Founder of Competitive Health, first met e123 in 1996.  She immediately recognized their approach to managing insurance eligibility, invoicing, and enrollment as “visionary.”  As Kimberly explains it, “A lot of companies couldn’t manage the administrative ecosystem.  e123 built the ecosystem, and their system allows their clients to modify based on their specific needs.”  Kimberly began referring brokers to e123 for back-office support because each of them “was a snowflake with unique needs and e123 was able to cost-effectively program to meet those requirements.”

Build or Buy

In 2017, when an unprecedented number of brokers started coming to Competitive Health, Kimberly realized they didn’t have a way to service them. She never really considered building her own system as she already knew e123 was the perfect way to scale quickly.  “There are a lot of challenges with building your own solution. Whoever gets to market first wins, and you can’t replicate something that took 20 years to build overnight.”

In fact, Kimberly has referred clients to e123 after their own unsuccessful attempts to build solutions themselves.  One client hired six programmers who worked on an administrative solution for two years that they still haven’t launched.

A Solution that Scales

For Competitive Health, they have been able to grow faster by focusing on selling versus programming.  She describes e123 as one of the most robust platforms that exists in healthcare.  “We can spin up a product pretty fast without a lot of capital investment because the platform does everything.”

Launching a new product with e123 usually takes Competitive Health 2-3 weeks, depending on the complexity, which Kimberly describes as unheard of in the industry.  This allows her to team to be responsive and nimble to what the market wants.  “We can focus on marketing and sales versus the operations of how the data will flow.  It really takes a big chunk of the lift off our shoulders.”

Service that Matches Performance

While the platform’s easy-to-use eligibility and management tools help companies like Competitive Health operate at scale seamlessly, they also provide a level of support that matches the quality of the platform.  Kimberly describes the people “as really exceptional in terms of service and support.  They really do care, and they hustle and understand the importance of new business.”

All of this means that e123 is the one-stop shop for enrollment, commissions, member communications, and more.  It’s the perfect platform for those who want to be in the business of marketing rather than worrying about data connections, accuracy, and security.  And for businesses that want to grow without having to maintain systems that will accommodate their growth. 

In a nutshell, Kimberly believes “they make it look so easy.  They’ve done two decades of back-end work that no one sees.”  But their customers feel the impact when everything just works and there is no downtime.