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e123 Helps The Rx Advocates and Improve Member Satisfaction

The Rx Advocates, a prescription advocacy service, has helped over 50,000 uninsured or underinsured patients access patient assistance programs since 2013. Many individuals with chronic diseases such as diabetes require expensive maintenance medications that they cannot afford. The Rx Advocates helps patients access these medications and save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Subscription Businesses Need e123

The Rx Advocates has relied on e123 since 2014 to provide these life-changing, and sometimes life-saving services. As CEO of The Rx Advocates, Doug Proctor explains, “e123 is perfect for larger subscription-based businesses. It provides a platform that allows you to seamlessly enroll, bill, and manage your members.”

Doug initially considered some alternative systems but found that e123 was better suited to their needs. He found other Insurance Marketing solutions to be more complex and they would have required more customization, whereas e123 was streamlined and easier to use because “it’s built for exactly what we need it to do.”

Driving Member Satisfaction with e123

Given the important role that The Rx Advocates plays in a patient’s ability to manage their chronic condition, they are committed to monitoring member satisfaction. The Rx Advocates uses e123 to manage a variety of touchpoints where net promoter score (NPS) surveys are sent to their members.

Doug is appreciative that the e123 platform and customer support team was flexible enough to build a “custom API integration” with their NPS software. By sending NPS surveys at certain points during a member’s journey, The Rx Advocates can determine who’s happy and who’s not, and make changes that address the feedback of all members. Doug appreciates that e123 “is open to making the system do whatever you need it to do.”

And e123 loves having innovative clients that find unique applications for their software. Brendan McLoughlin, the President of e123 says, “Using NPS to drive improvements in your business is one of the most important things a subscription business can do to drive customer retention and ultimately growth. We love working with innovative companies like The Rx Advocates, who are constantly striving to improve the lives of their customers and provide a better experience.”

Expanding the e123 Relationship

When The Rx Advocates’ sister company, needed an enrollment and back-office platform, it was a no-brainer for Doug to turn to e123. Doug says, “I recommend e123 whenever I can, it’s great to see them growing as they continue to help us.” is an insurance agency that currently focuses on the under 65 market but will be expanding into Medicare in the near future. has a network of agents that sell Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans in over 40 states as well as ancillary products that they manage on the e123 platform.

As Doug explains, “e123’s platform is helping us build a book of business that we have more control over with our ancillary products. This enables us to manage the member experience down to every last detail. Our ultimate goal is to serve members better and e123 helps us do exactly that.” has an ambitious growth plan to double its agent count by the end of this year, and to quickly ramp up their Medicare business in 2023. With e123 providing a robust platform for their agents and members, they are confident in their ability to grow quickly and seamlessly.